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Our story

Methoni’s Finest is the story of our holiday memories. Moments of pure joy and freedom lived under the Messenian sun and sea. We wanted to share this feeling, so we created something as beautiful and simple as its unique landscape. Something that people would love and appreciate for its authenticity all year round.

“Afentiko Pigadi” reflects the zen of the region. A secret getaway, located on the top of a smooth slope, full of silver olive groves, until your gaze meets the sea. A unique stay to unwind and retreat in nature only minutes away from the sea.

“Blue Fort” is in a walking distance from Methoni’s beach, where the famous three blues meet the historic Castle. The dark blue of the open sea finds the turquoise of the bay to then disappear into the light blue of the Messenian sky. A view which is hard to forget.

This is your time to reconnect with Nature & find your home away from home!

You’re welcome to explore further!


  • Afentiko Pigadi

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  • Blue Fort

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